bakers-used--leo2-selection-muffin-AgenceCallisens-for-AtooLEO2 POS software is designed specifically to meet the needs of bakeries, snack bars, sweet shops, tea rooms and cake shops. Find out what it can do for you.

Every business operates in its own unique way. Each has its own habits and its own set of needs. This is why Leo is made up of easily customisable modules. Our reseller will tailor the system to work the way you do. It’s that simple.

Check out in a flash

To make your life easier, Leo 2 registers include Coin and Note buttons in €.
A customer hands you €2 to pay for her baguette, press the “Baguette” button then click on €2.
The change due is displayed. Operation complete!

Computer whiz not required

Need to change a price? Add a new product? Our interface guides you through the steps to make your daily operations quick and easy.

Special orders: handle with care

“A Black Forest cake for six people for next Tuesday? My pleasure!” Select the cake, the number of slices and press Customer order. Delivery time, message to write, customer deposit, create a reminder for the pastry chef… Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Reward customer loyalty                                             

With Leo 2, create your own customer loyalty program. Collect points, reward repeat visits, apply a discount, a free cup of coffee? You decide what will make your customers happy.

Never lose a sale


Three customers want pastries. But you’ve run out. The Lost sales feature calculates the products you could have sold. A smart tool to help you manage and plan production to stay in sync with customer demand.

Professional customer deposits

LEO2 logs the customer deposit and generates a receipt. When customer returns to pick up her order, the receipt is scanned and the outstanding balance displayed.

Check your daily margins

Once your product has been input into the system, you can display your daily margins in real time. Clear and easy tracking of your business, minute by minute. A great motivational tool!

Optimize your business

Like every retail business, you want to improve your profit margins and optimize your stock. With LEO2 you can track your sales by the hour, the week, by servers, by customer, by product category, etc. Display graphics showing the ebb and flow of traffic over a day, a week, a year… LEO2 2 gives you all the tools you need to manage your business. Exportable files that are easy to work with and to send to your accountant.

Never compromise on hygiene or security

Leo 2 manages your change machine. No more register discrepancies, irreproachable hygiene, and guaranteed security for your staff. You have more time to spend with customers, and you’ll save precious time at the end of the day when closing out the register.

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Restaurant owner, backer, neighbourhood grocer, butcher, florist…

Find out what LEO2 can do for you


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LEO2, the ideal grocery shop manager


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