FingerLEO2 POS software is designed specifically to meet the needs of any restaurant, café or bar.

Every business operates in its own unique way. Each has its own habits and its own set of needs. This is why Leo is made up of easily customisable modules. Our reseller will tailor the system to work the way you do. It’s that simple.

Key features of Leo software:

Quick and easy payment

Select the table and the payment method. Then collect tableside! Save precious time when the rush is on. Happy customers. Happy staff.

Split the bill ? No problem

Customers want to split the bill? Only two out of three had wine ? Split the bill any way in a snap.

Manage your tables at a glance

With LEO2, you’ll never see your room the same way. Detailed on-screen tracking of your service, manage bookings, track diners’ progress and waiting time between courses, keep running updates of customer bills.

High-end handheld devices

A cut above other handheld devices. Dispatch orders in a couple of clicks, add handwritten notes for the kitchen, send a message to a specific register. Shock-resistant and waterproof: Orderman handheld devices lead to a smooth service, thanks to their proprietary low frequency radio data transmission system.

Quick and easy updates

A new menu? Need to change a price? No problem.
Edit menus, change prices, reconfigure your keyboard in a snap. Computer skills not required.

Optimize your business

Like every retail business, you want to improve your profit margins and optimize your stock. With LEO2 you can track your sales by the hour, by server, by register, by customer or by product category, etc. Display graphics showing the ebb and flow of traffic over a day, a week, a year… LEO2 gives you all the tools you need to manage your business. Exportable files wich are easy to work with and to send to your accountant.

Live stock monitoring

You can display stocks on all of your POS system’s product buttons. When you select an item, stock  are updated automatically on the buttons. Perfect, seamless management!

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Restaurant owner, backer, neighbourhood grocer, butcher, florist…

Find out what LEO2 can do for you


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LEO2 for restaurants: the perfect service
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Bakery: LEO2 register software and change machine
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LEO2 , POS system for any retail business
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LEO2, the ideal grocery shop manager


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