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Founded in 2002, Atoo has designed robust, high-end POS system software. Find out more about our company, our philosophy and our LEO2 software.

LOGO LEO2 web-smart-software-for-smart-businessSpecialized in POS system and business management software, LEO2 software was created in 2006 by French company, Atoo. Easy, intuitive and efficient POS management: LEO2 quickly became a best seller with restaurants and bakeries. Today, more than 15,000 businesses are running more smoothly thanks to LEO2. Atoo is headquartered in France. Its software has been available in Russia and the UK since 2014.

Our founder: real-world IT veteran

Christian Coquidé is the founder of Atoo. He is a true connoisseur of touchscreen devices. Christian has been working in the computerized POS sector since 1985. A developer since 1982, he began working on POS programmes in 1985. After more than a decade in programming, Christian worked as a sales engineer for resellers until 2001 – helping clients in the field. Thanks to them, he designed a programme tailored to meet the real-world needs of retail businesses. LEO2 was released in 2006. LEO2 software and its ancillary products (handheld scanner, printers, camera, etc.) are installed by a specialized reseller on a (PC) device. The reseller is responsible for providing after-sales service.

Atoo is a fast-growing company.
With some one dozen staff members, its annual sales in 2014
total close to 2 million euros.

LEO2: Windows POS system

The registers use a non-proprietary format (Windows PC).

This has a number of advantages :
-    Customers can change or upgrade their hardware whenever they want. All of the elements are upgradable: the software, the display and the PC. Proprietary solutions do not allow a restaurant owner, for instance, to switch to other software using the same hardware. So they are offer much less flexibility.
-    PC-based POS systems can also connect to the Internet. This means you can navigate between more than one customer, share your menu on social media sites, create an online ad campaign, keep in touch with customers, etc. Resellers Alexandre and Lydia confirm that, “Restaurant and bakery owners are looking for solutions that are super flexible and adapt to their business as it grows”.

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LEO2 for restaurants: the perfect service
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Bakery: LEO2 register software and change machine
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LEO2 , POS system for any retail business
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LEO2, the ideal grocery shop manager


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