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What can LEO2 do for you? Easy to learn and use, offering a wide range of features that you can customise for your business. View the demo.


Restaurant owners: LEO2 for a smooth service, every day

  • Split the bill any which way in a snap
  • Fast payment processing
  • Send a note to the kitchen
  • High-end handheld devices
  • LEO2 for restaurants: the perfect service


Bakers! Discover LEO2 and its secure change machine

  • Fast-check out
  • Hygiene 
  • Security
  • Automatic register of operations
  • Calculation of lost sales.


Neighbourhood grocery: the perfect manager

  • Quick and easy check-out
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Hassle-free inventory
  • Connected scales
  • Bespoke customer loyalty program

LEO2 from Atoo: features and strengths

The main features and advantages of LEO2 point of sale software.

Seen in this video:

  • write a note on the handheld device;
  • connected scales;
  • easy bill splitting;
  • scroll through the bill;
  • configurable keypads;
  • change and customise buttons;
  • edit a product file;
  • handheld devices for easy inventory management;
  • drag and drop 3D seating plans;
  • merge bills for a group;
  • easy input/order cancellation;
  • ticket and note print-out in the kitchen and front of house;
  • live online reporting;
  • synchronized website, register and POS;
  • clear and easy production screen for the kitchen.

Restaurant owner, backer, neighbourhood grocer, butcher, florist…

Find out what LEO2 can do for you


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LEO2 for restaurants: the perfect service
video1 200
Bakery: LEO2 register software and change machine
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LEO2 , POS system for any retail business
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LEO2, the ideal grocery shop manager


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