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Orderman manufactures high-end handheld devices for table-side ordering. Serious quality for serious businesses.

All the Orderman devices have been designed for restaurants. In any restaurant, no matter how busy, the wireless table-side ordering system is synonymous with speed, efficiency and profitability.

As easy to use for left and right-handers, the Orderman Sol fits in any palm. The latest generation of OLED display ensures faithful colour reproduction, a dual processor system, and unequalled reliability and performance. Shock-resistant, waterproof and dust resistant, it can weather the toughest service.

18 hours of charge

Thanks to its dual processor and smart charge management, the Orderman Sol keeps on going for up to 18 hours.

Un unrivalled table-side handheld. A unique device, designed
and built for the finest restaurants. For you!

Head down, it goes to sleep to avoid mistakes

In vertical position, in a server’s belt or pouch, the device switches to standby: no accidental orders, and saves energy.

Write those special requests by hand

You can write manually on the screen, and send any special customer request directly to the kitchen or the bar. You decide who gets the message.

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Restaurant owner, backer, neighbourhood grocer, butcher, florist…

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