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After a great deal of organisational, documentary and development work, LEO2 has become the first software to obtain NF525 certification, along with PI.

NF525 certification is officially recognised (BOI 2014) by tax authorities as describing the characteristics that any POS system (or classic register) requires to meet their tax and security requirements.

This certification is not yet mandatory, but the Government is launching a national consultation with stakeholders and the affected bodies (Acedise, Afdel, trade associations, etc.) to examine the need for a law that would make this standardisation mandatory.Secured but uncertified software, provides no proof to tax authorities, as the owners of the software have secured their product without having it verified by an independent, outside organisation.

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LEO2 for restaurants: the perfect service
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Bakery: LEO2 register software and change machine
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LEO2 , POS system for any retail business
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LEO2, the ideal grocery shop manager


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